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Tonghuai is a private equity investment firm based in Singapore, focused on venture and growth capital investment into SMEs in Singapore and around the region. Tonghuai provides hands-on support and guidance, with the aim to transform its portfolio of companies and maximise them to their full potential.

Tonghuai is made up of a team of seasoned serial entrepreneurs, financial experts, business and technology consultants and startup & growth specialists. Our track record includes turning around distressed companies and into viable sustainable companies, creating new value out of traditional businesses and taking existing profitable companies to the next level, in companies across the Asia-Pacific region.

Our strategy leverages our unique combination of access to capital and corporate financing, strategic consulting, management involvement, strong Asia Pacific business network, technology commercialization and years of entrepreneurial experience.

We don’t just invest into your company; We partner with you every step of the way moving forward. We don’t just invest capital into your business; We invest the necessary resources such as talents, time, business networks to make sure that our investments – your company, has the best possible outcome.

TRANSFORM Philosophy

Our approach follows our own TRANSFORM philosophy, which focuses on 9 key principles of how we work and invest into our portfolio of companies.



Above everything else, we believe that talent to run the company is most important. It is the heart of the company that keeps beating and gets the company going.

Revenue Generating Potential

Without revenue generation, no company will be able to sustain itself, regardless of how much investment the company is able to raise. We value the potential of companies that is able to deliver outstanding returns for their stakeholders and themselves.



Adding Significant Value

Creating new value and maximising value is the surest way to ensuring continued business and sustainability of any business.


One of the key accelerators to building a business quickly is to have a vast and broad network that is able to help and grow your business. From potential customers to would-collaborators, networks is one of the key ingredients to growing any company fast.



Sharing the Fruits and Burdens

The journey through business can be long and difficult at times. We believe that each partner will weather any difficulties together, and when the company prosper, that together, the partners shall all benefit together.

Focusing on Strengths

We believe that when we work, we focus on the strength of each individual and entity, to maximise efficiency and productivity. Only by focusing on our strengths, can we then concentrate on delivering the best outcome without being distracted by activities that we are not most efficient in.



Originality of Business

In today’s world, every business is competitive. We need to be able to stand out from our competition and deliver unparalleled value to our customers and stakeholders, and make our value proposition to them.

Reliance and Trust

We operate best when we work with the people that we trust. The only way to build and grow great businesses fast is the absolute trust between business partners. We rely on and believe that each of the business partners will do their best for the company.



Management Team

No man is an island. And that’s why we believe that a team of business experts is needed to make a company successful, each focusing on its core competencies. The key people running the company, the management team, is one of the most important criteria of a company.

We go beyond just providing capital; We help businesses unlock growth potential, through sound business strategy; We develop sustainable business through transformative solutions; We remained rooted on principles of reliability to ensure that our partners see the long term growth with us. Simply put, we drive change.

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